Rich McAneny - 2010-07-13

I am running on the latest from the trunk. (pulled down this morning 7/13/2010). When I try to access the "Me" page when I have active tasks, etc., I get an exception - basically a blue page.

I've traced it down to the jsp/view/personTaskTableFragment.jsp

Line 63.     
<xplanner:isUserAuthorized name="task" permission="edit" projectId="${iteration.projectId}" >
Needs to be:

<xplanner:isUserAuthorized name="task" permission="edit" projectId="${}" >      
(Change iteration.projectId to

After that all works as expected.

I also noticed that in order to deploy on Tomcat (6.0.20) I needed to add the following exclude to the cewolf dependency.

It appears that tomcat is finding crimson first (instead of xerces) which does not have schema support and throwing an exception:

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionSt oreException: Parser configuration exception parsing XML from ServletContext resource ; nested exception is javax.xml.parsers.ParserConfigurationException: Unable to validate using XSD: Your JAXP provider  does not support XML Schema. Are you running on Java 1.4 with Apache Crimson? Upgrade to Apache Xerces (or Java 1.5) for full XSD support.