Chart view takes too much time to load

  • David García

    David García - 2010-02-10

    When I click on the Charts link, the page never ends to load and the cpu of the server is at 100% until I shutdown the server.

    What could be the problem??

  • Maxim Chirkov (XPlanner+)

    Are you running on default java settings? I think you should increase heap space -Xmx192m,  should be enough

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I changed the settings to -Xmx256m. but the cpu is at 100% again when I try to get the charts.  The strange thing is that with the previous project: xplanner. The charts were working fine.

    Is there any other parameter to configure inside the application?


  • Maxim Chirkov (XPlanner+)

    No we are using the same configuration properties  file as xplanner do.

    Can you post your java version, jetty version, and logs if possible?

    And which version of xplanner-plus are you using?

  • David García

    David García - 2010-02-15

    These are the versions:

    Java: 1.5
    Jetty: 6.1.0
    Xplanner-plus: 1.0b3



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