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Migration from Xplanner

  • Jonasz Wojcik

    Jonasz Wojcik - 2009-10-15

    Is it passable?  How to switch from Xplanner to Xplanner-plus without data lost.

  • Maxim Chirkov (XPlanner+)

    Yes it's possible.
    If you are using XPlanner-0.7b7, then it's not a problem to switch to XPlanner-plus.

    In general to switch from XPlanner to XPlanner-plus:
    1. Stop tomcat
    2. Archive xplanner directory.
    3. Empty xplanner directory.
    4. Unpack xplanner-plus to xplanner directory
    5. Replace, with you own
    6. Start tomcat.

    After that you should get working application.

  • Jonasz Wojcik

    Jonasz Wojcik - 2009-10-16

    Thanks a lot!

  • Torsten Martinsen

    That sounds almost too easy - how about the database schema? Where I work, we have a number of scripts that manage synchronization between XPlanner and Bugzilla (and some other databases) - if the DB schema has been changed in XPlanner-plus they will have to be updated.

  • Maxim Chirkov (XPlanner+)

    As of xplanner-plus 1.0, it uses the same database schema without any changes. It have changes only in code.


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