Rich McAneny - 2010-06-30

I have deployed the trunk version locally  (as of 6/22/2010 - version info:(Version 1.1a1 built 22/01/2010 (rev 204) ))

I noticed the following issues.

1. If using the trunk deployment as my initial deployment, I get an "'xplanner.person' doesn't exist" sql error. Sorry I don't have the full error, but it does look like it is trying to migrate - not create a new deployment.

I did create the xplanner db and user as described in the instructions.

However, if I first deploy the released version (v1.0b3)  - letting that version create the tables - I can then deploy the build version which migrates the tables.

2. When migrating from the released version (v1.0b3) to the trunk version, if I had a story in a project,  with a customer_id not NULL - I get an exception when I try to view the project (i.e click on the project link to view the iterations). I get a "Blue Screen" (p content) with Exception occurred in the browser title). I am unable to access the project until I cleared out the customer_id field from the story table.

Note also that the ui for the trunk does not save the customer id.