This is the home of the XPIOCARDS project. I have started it since I had the crazy idea to build a Boeing 737 home cockpit entirely based on Linux and mostly Open Source software. See some progress here on my home page.

XPIOCARDS enables to connect cockpit hardware from OpenCockpits to the X-Plane flight simulator for users working on LINUX and OSX. The Spanish hardware project called OpenCockpits provides pretty cool I/O hardware fully assembled at a reasonable cost. However, their software is only intended for Microsoft Windows users running MSFS.

There are three subprojects of XPIOCARDS. xpserver, xpclient, usbiocards and opengc.


This is a open source X-Plane plugin for sharing X-Plane data. The aim of xpserver is to communicate X-Plane flight data via TCP/IP to a client application. xpserver is compatible and can handle the plugin datarefs from Benedikt Stratmann's famous BOEING 737-800 aircraft, or it can alternatively be used with any other X-Plane aircraft. It can also handle custom datarefs. The data exchange protocol supports all X-Plane datatypes, it is an open standard and it enables clients to subscribe and unsubscribe to X-Plane datarefs.


This is a sample client application demonstrating how to subscribe to X-Plane datarefs and how to receive from and send data to X-Plane.


usbiocards is a client to xpserver. It connects to the OpenCockpits hardware on Unix systems and handles the USB data transfer to the OpenCockpits Mastercard via the USB Expansion card.

The following OpenCockpits Cards are supported:
- USB Expansion Card
- USBServos
- USBKeys
- DCMotors-Plus

NEW: Leo Bodnar's BU0836X card is also supported.


We are continuing the development of OpenGC based on a version of OpenGC (Open Glass Cockpit) running as a client to xpserver. It currently displays the BOEING 737 EFIS and PFD panels.


All codes distributed here require some basic unix shell and C programming practice in order to operate them.


Hans Jansen has joined the xpiocards development team. He is working on the usbiocards project and has set up our SVN repository.

usbiocards, xpserver and xpclient are released on sourceforge. The original OpenGC code has been modified to connect to X-Plane with the xpserver plugin on both Linux and OSX. It is under heavy development by me right now, but potential users can have a snapshot in the files repository linked below. The original developer of OpenGC is not responsive and his website has not been updated since 2006. I therefore re-publish my updated version of OpenGC here that started from a mix of Damion Shelton's OpenGC 0.55 and 0.57 versions. All my code has been outfitted with a gnu autoconf/automake configuration wrapper, and the cmake dependency of OpenGC has been removed.


xpiocards (including its subprojects xpserver, xpclient usbiocards and opengc can be downloaded here.

We further have created an SVN repository with recent updates here.


Both, usbiocards and xpserver and xpclient source packages linked above contain a README file and INSTALLATION instructions. Unfortunately, at this point no further documentation is available. A visual representation of the required software and hardware setup can be seen in this schematic diagram here. Note: in the drawing below xpiocards should be xpserver (was renamed recently).


Feedback from users will help to further develop this code. The TCP/IP server application and X-Plane plugin xpserver is pretty much finished, with exception of some optimizations and error handling needed. usbiocards is not finished at all. Other OpenCockpits hardware will be supported in the future (relais card, stepper motors etc.


Reto Stöckli, Bern, Switzerland.

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Benedikt Stratmann's BOEING 737
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