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New scripting language: Ruby

A Ruby (http://www.ruby-lang.org/) Scripting plugin for xpertmud is currently being developed.
Soon you will be able to choose between perl, python or ruby for your scripts :)
And we are evaluating the possiblilty of adding JavaScript support (using Konquerors libkjs) as well

Posted by Ernst Bachmann 2003-10-04

Win32 download moved

The Win32 codebase is the identical with
the unix source. So we just release both versions
in the same download package. For Win32 users:
Just hit download :-)

Posted by Manuel Klimek 2003-01-24

Lots of work going on...

At the moment there's quite a lot of
coding work going on. Entropy hacked in
plugin support, so now we are able to
support other scripting languages, like
python, too. There are also some new
top-level functions for aliases, triggers,
keybindings and timers in latest CVS. And
finally the bt3030 script was changed to
use the latest top-level functionality. There
are no docs yet, but see the bt3030 script
as reference... Check it out and happy hacking,

Posted by Manuel Klimek 2001-12-28

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