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PHPortal Rewrite

I am rewriting PHPortal to make it compatible with PHP 4.3.

This will allow me to rewrite the core to create a true modularly independent framework with true OOP and even some AOP.

The core framework will be greatly simplified and all extensions to it will be based on Aspects.

All OOP will become true and independent of each other.

This new version will be PHPortal 1.0 and will include official documentation. Mostly for the technical user in the form of the core API.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2003-05-18

PHPortal version 0.2.8 ToDos

1\. Cache Database PHPortal runs.
        admin on edit || delete
    document, binary, file, method
        admin on edit || delete

2\. Compile Document & method Objects

3\. Config static form generator & processor.

4\. FTP option in compiled and db-cached data

5\. local object user roles

6\. Complete Find admin panel

7\. allow vhost virtual domain hosts to access their folder directly via man.xpc URI.... [read more](/p/xpc/news/2003/01/phportal-version-028-todos-/)
Posted by Michael Glazer 2003-01-15

PHPortal version 0.2.7 released!

I am pleased to announce the release of PHPortal version 0.2.7 beta.

This is a major enhancement release with over 15 changes.


Sourceforge project:

Developer's live/demo site


1. Template Compiling Option.

$t->COMPILE = true;

$t->COMPILE = false ... [read more](/p/xpc/news/2003/01/phportal-version-027-released/)
Posted by Michael Glazer 2003-01-06

Upcoming PHPortal version 0.2.7 release

The final Todos are done!

Now the dev run for this month's (or last month's) public release of PHPortal ends and the last minute testing and then packaging has begun.

I am shooting for a sunday night /monday morning release.

Some of the changes include:

PHPortal 0.2.7 Changes

1 . Template Compiling Option.

$t->COMPILE = true;
$t->COMPILE = false

Depedencies. a 'c_templates' folder is required within the core 'tpl' class directory that is chmod 777 (writable) if FTP is not enabled.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2003-01-04

PHPortal version 0.2.7 Final Todos

I installed my beta database caching class and integrated it into the PHPortal db abstraction layer as a optional mechanism needing manual on and off calls.

This is Smart Caching for database recordsets but my version 1.0 that i'm running local is much smarter.

The beta smart DB cacher is smart because it is not timed based caching instead it is action based. A select statement is retrieved and or cached. All other table altering statements delete any db.table related cached queries that exist.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-12-31

New PHPortal Tags and More!

I have been in the code mines hard at work and have came up some pretty cool stuff.

Most will not make it into the next release, version 0.2.7 and require more testing, hopefully I can put some into the release that have been fully tested already.

There is anew PHPortal Document Object inline reference tag prefix that is both XML compliant and WYISWYG html editor friendly. The new prfix tag is '_XPC' as in <_XPC:siteheader/> ... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-12-22

PHPortal version 0.2.7 ToDos

Two new big developments for PHPortal in the current 0.2.7 development cycle

1. Centralized and local help system (no active-X).

2. Virtual Hosting Capabilities with an indivudal domain-based PHPortal management interface.

The only thing Zope needs to do to make virtual hosting work is change the BASE URL for all objects to make the ROOT correct.

You use Apache to actually set the domain -> folder mapping. ... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-12-09

PHPortal SEMPUG Presentation

PHPortal SEMPUG Presentation

Thursday, December 5, 2002 7 PM

Southeast Michigan PHP user group

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-12-05

PHPortal version 0.2.6 released!

I am pleased to announce the release of PHPortal version 0.2.6 beta.

This is a major enhancment release with over 20 changes.


Sourceforge project:

Developer's live/demo site


1\. Added Template App Object Type.

2\. Added Script App Object type.

3\. Modified Method App Object Type. ... [read more](/p/xpc/news/2002/12/phportal-version-026-released/)
Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-12-02

Upcoming PHPortal version 0.2.6 release

I am planning a beginning of next week release for PHPortal version 0.2.6.

This is a major enhancement release.

The 'format' core class and format types have been restructured. I have also added a new content type conversion, PPT (PowerPoint) All office document conversions (word, excel, powerpoint) now use XML (office 2000 and up).

There has been a general load time increase of 0.1 seconds due to code streamlining and removal of extraneous code to enhance overall performance.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-30

New PHPortal Table and Object Properties Array Change

The new PHPortal table called xpc_help is the first rollout of the new control panel as to integrate the help system into the lcoal PHPortal instead of the current remote help system.

Below is the xpc_help table schema. Each row id is referenced in the xpc_objects table via the 'oid' column.

CREATE TABLE xpc_help (
id tinyint(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
title varchar(70) NOT NULL default '',
content text NOT NULL,
) TYPE=MyISAM;... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-30

Final ToDos for PHPortal 0.2.6

1. Complete the Versioning Integration into all the standard Object app types, document, file, script, method, template, binary, folder...

2. Complete new Control Panel schemas. New Control Panel Only Object 'Help Topic' and other changes.

When the above two todos are finished I will end development and begin testing. When testing is completed I will begin creating the release package and I am planning a pre-thanksgiving weekend release.

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-25

New PHPortal Content-Type Transformation

Added a new Content-Type transformation, PPT or PowerPoint.

I am now using XML templates for the Excel, Word, and Powerpoint content-type transformations in PHPortal. Only available in office 2000 and up. This allows for Document Property settings and easier implemenation of application manipulation and templates for these types of content conversions of plain text.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-25

PHPortal version 0.2.6 ToDos

1.Use of site config rootUrl var to easily alter base url for sub dir. PHPortal installs and virtual hosting...

2. Control Panel Objects Storage (objects|mobjects). Place control Panel Objects (manage view only) in a new table or in main xpc_objects table? If new table how to integrate it if same what about performance?

3. Object History and Undo versus Folder (parent...) History and Undo.
parent folder contains all sub object infinite depth histories
object only for themselves history and undo does not have type c actions... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-19

PHPortal Presentation to Michigan PHP Users Group

"Michael Glazer is working on

He will be presenting his project, the ins and outs, etc. It's probably best described as a recreation of Zope in PHP.

Check it out, and plan to attend December 5, 7pm."

sempug (
PHP user group meeting in Ypsilanti. Programming, tips, networking and more.

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-18

PHPortal Dev Changes

I added the Control Panel Object as Object type 'control.'
This will move the control panel classes away from the core 'manage' class into its own object type app space.
This will enable Object type manipulation of the Control Panel such as copy, cut, paste, undos etc....

Turned off the auto_increment reset for the core Object's tables
due to redundancies in regards to revisions and planned Undo features.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-14

Two new PHPortal Logos

One is specically designed for the top nav in the management interface the other can be placed more liberally.

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-12

PHPortal ToDos

PHPortal Version 0.2.6 ToDos

Complete Versioning Testing Scenarios. Finish with ability to add, edit, and delete object properties in a version. Add, edit, delete, and rename Objects in a version.

Breakup the 'actions' management class into subclasses (import/export, cut, copy, delete, rename, paste)

Create Control Panel Object for a more seamless integration with other objects and the management panel as a whole.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-12

Globally Accessible Management Cookies

Three new globally Accessible Management Cookies

All available via the $x Xpc Class gate Object when the $x->xman variable is set to 'on'

$x->_USER (array) array($this->usernfo['id'],$this->usernfo['name'],$this->usernfo['email'],$this->usernfo['domain']) name(usernfo) delimiter($x->sep['3'] '|')

$x->_PREFS (array) array($top_frame,$use_css,$cols,$rows) name(ManUserPrefs) delimiter($x->sep['3'] '|') ... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-10

PHPortal Object Deletions

When you delete an object in PHPortal the object is deleted in the xpc_objects table and xpc_props table. A new history version is made, then a new revision of that deleted data is stored in the xpc_version table and the props_revision table as well.

This allows for the Undo function. Undo works up onto 30 days from the 'delete_date' which is a new property entered into the property revisions table when the object is deleted.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-07

PHPortal ToDos

1. Object Specific Methods and Access Permissions need fine tuning.
We want method inheritance but also object specific methods.

2. A control panel object so we can have PHPortal Object manipulations
such as Undo and security for the control panel as its own indivdual object folder, subfolders, methods etc...

3. Within the Control Panel begin work on the Products Management Space.
Specifically products individual space for defintions, product global configs, and product documenetation/help files.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-06

Two New Object Types and One Changed

As some might already know I have begun work on version 0.2.6.

I have added two new types and changed an existing one. To see the latest developments live please visit the demo admin site at

The two types are 'template' and 'script' the changed one is 'method.' Method now becomes used as the XPC script language ( while the 'script' one now takes on what the method used to, execute and store pure PHP code as a function.... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-06

PHPortal version 0.2.5 released!

PHPortal version 0.2.5 released!


Sourceforge project:

Developer's live/demo site


Fixed 'shutddown' function in the control panel.
Fixed top nav breadcrumb in managment
Added new content type transformation to the Format core class: qif or the Quicken Money Format. Available in three money transmition formats, ofx, qfx, and the qif.
New tree navigation Menu which includes the control panel icon at the top and a node for the products installed
New Version Object
Completed Version Managment for the control panel.
New Historical Revisions view for both Object Properties and Object value changes/revisions.
Versioning, Revisions, History and Undos are all separate yet related abilities.
Added Object Specific Event Handling for delete and rename of Objects
Added more specific permissiosn methods to objects to props I added prop_form, prop_edit, prop_del, prop_add of higher level of security settings
New Properties revisions table
Altered the props and history tables added a vid column to history and a uid column to props
Fixed the top nav in managment error on Go button.
Fixed the browser/user preferences so you can pick your textarea size, css enabled, and top frame options.
New Method Xpc Object Method 'Out'
New Method Xpc Object Method 'setObjTree'
Adding a default Error Handling template to the new gate directory structure of gate/tpl and not the globals and other onload libs are in a new directory gate/lib (should be in the default data dump) the template has the id 'standard_error_message' it will seek this ID or NAME from the current PHPortal site's object table in the root folder or PID = 1
New Method Xpc Object xpcMethods Method Alias names Meth and Method for neatness and length
PHPortal Object 'ID's are now the xpc_object name column and Object title is now a property value.
No longer required to use undersores in calling a Object by HTTP URI still need to when using XPC tag refences inline to call objects.
New Xpc Object Variable Array Default Value $x->P_INFO (as in PATH INFO variables) everything after the current Object ID in a URI can still be used by you with acesssign the preformated variables in teh $x->P_INFO array. You can also call the $x->Meth(pathVars,array()); method and define your own URI separators to create other types of arguments form URIs
Object IDs can now have a dot in them in other words you can call a file with the name or ID value of test.htm
Fixed a Cache nuisance bug witht the updateCache which wasn't doing it due to the $c Object in the Method function. Also no more output buffering for cache calls you must always now use the $c->N_C_DATA variable for new data to be output and to be cached.
Updated the FTP class so no need to use the 'tmp.php' file, much better, slimmer faster code.
Method Object no longer required to be in a function form. To call the Method from itself the same structure is intact i.e. xmethod_ObjectName($args) ... There is compatibility for the 0.2.5 version so older styles will work for now.
Added a onUnload method to the Xpc core gate class. As of now used for nothing but might prove usefull later.
Added new specific Object Methods to binary, document, file, and method objects. editBinary, editDocument, editFile, and editMethod are now specific to each type for more specific access permissions.
root folder security has no acquire permissions ability because it is root!
Security permissions now have, every 10 rows, an abbreviated top row (with acquire perms. link and object roles) for easier viewing.
OnInstall and onUnInstall of PHPortal Object App. Types each types product configs 'methods' array is added or removed per phportal site from the perms table as well as any access rights associated with them. Question of removing the apps from the global shared xpc_apps table comes up here and the reminder to the need for a global PHPortal sites control specifically for sites/apps/users/reporting/logging.... ... read more

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-04

Upcoming PHPortal version 0.2.5 release

I have finished version 0.2.5!

The official public release will hopefully be sometime early this week (possibly tonight...?).

This is a major release.

There have been 30 acounted for changes. Lots of code has been fixed and streamlined as well as some new stuff.

I am ending development cycle for this release and have began the testing phase prior to the release.

I will re-open the demo site ( before the public release when my run through testing has been done to ensure nothing old is newly broken from the new changes or additions and testing a dry run auto-setup.

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-11-03

XPC Scripting Tags Documentation Reference

XPC Scripting Tags (

The latest article for PHPortal Documentation ( referencing covers all the latest in the PHPortal XPC scripting tags.

From tag structures, tag rules, tag arguments, tag prefixes, default tag actions, and arguments, all of it is covered.

Posted by Michael Glazer 2002-10-30