#269 redlinks in Firefox addon

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Redlinks have stopped work in Firefox addon since Xowa included this feature into Java part of Xowa.


  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2013-12-03
    • status: new --> queued
    • Expected release: --> v0.12.4
    • Milestone: PFE --> v0.12.*
  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2013-12-03

    Thanks for creating a ticket.

    The new redlinks code calls javascript to update the code, but this is initiated "server-side" (the old redlinks code was initiated from the "client-side"). This shouldn't be hard to change, but I'm going to target a later release date to be safe.

  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2013-12-31
    • Expected release: v0.12.4 --> v1.1.*
    • Milestone: v0.12. --> v1.1.
  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2013-12-31

    I haven't had time to look at any of the server-side code. I'll review this ticket again for a v1.1.* release.

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    Anonymous - 2014-01-15

    v1.1 is out and redlinks are still not showing.

  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2014-01-16

    Hi. "v1.1.*" basically means a release in January. It does not indicate any v1.1 release (hence the *).

    Also note that the ETA is not a guarantee, and slippage may occur. I'll get to this item as soon as I resolve some other higher priority issues.


  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2014-01-28

    v1.2.1 will support redlinks. I spent time tonight implementing this functionality. The biggest issue was that the Addon does this:

    var result = Function("with(arguments[0]){return "+cmd_text+"}")(session.window); 

    which fails when passing something like this

    var elem = document.getElementById('~{elem_id}');
    var atr_val = elem.~{atr_key};
    elem.setAttribute('~{atr_key}', atr_val + '~{atr_val}');
    return true;

    I worked around this by wrapping all javascript calls to the Addon with this

    s = "(function () {" + s + "})();";

    My apologies for taking so long to resolve the ticket.

  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2014-01-28
    • status: queued --> done
    • Expected release: v1.1.* --> v1.2.1
    • Milestone: v1.1. --> v1.2.
  • gnosygnu

    gnosygnu - 2014-02-03
    • status: done --> closed


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