#64 bookmark Viewer for v0.4.5


a simple bookmark creater/viewer for xournal
1. add / remove bookmarks in tree list
2. rename bookmarks
3. move bookmark up / down
4. hide bookmark viewer


  • tanyeun

    tanyeun - 2011-01-04

    I tried makepatch but the resulted patch file is over 500k Lol
    so I have to use diff -ur ....

  • tanyeun

    tanyeun - 2011-01-04
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • tanyeun

    tanyeun - 2011-01-04

    I tried makepatch but the resulted patch file is over 500k Lol
    so I have to use diff -ur ....

    the bookmark viewer / creator interface is very simple
    I didn't spend effort to make fancy buttons :P
    if someone is interested in make it prettier, I am more then welcome to insist u :D

    I create a button next to the full screen button called "B"
    once u click on it, it will jump out a widgets includes a entry box, 5 buttons and a list tree view
    1. create bookmark
    the entry box allow u to input the name of the bookmark, once u done, click "+" and the
    result will show up in the tree view
    Once u click on certain bookmark(say A), the main view of xournal will jump to the corresponding page
    and any bookmark u add will be created under A.
    if u want the bookmark to create globally(not under any other bookmark), my solution so far is not
    very convenient. Just create a random bookmark then delete it, then any other bookmark u create afterwards
    will go back to global.
    2. delete bookmark:
    just select the target bookmark then click "-"
    3. Move Up Down bookmark:
    select the target bookmark then click ">" to move up "<" to move down
    4. rename bookmark
    double click on the target bookmark
    5. hide the viewer:
    click "XD"

  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2011-01-08


    Andreas Butti's code rewrite (to be completed over the next few months) already includes bookmarks as well, but in the meantime this patch will be useful.

  • Daniel M. German

    I applied your patch (see http://github.com/dmgerman/xournal\)
    There is one minor problem. When the bookmark window is killed, the bookmarks are never shown again. I suspect the window needs to handle the window kill event.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Same problem, here, though when I installed a WinMan without close botton, it's less frequent that I close it by mistake. Though the the close button that tanyeun is provided works fine.


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