#171 Multiple opened windows



I am running xournal-git 20130523-2 on Arch Linux. What I noticed is that whenever I am opening a new window, my current window gets closed regardless of its content. This is really annoying as this means that I cannot edit two different contents at the same time.

Is it possible to add support for multiple opened windows at the same time?


  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2013-10-01

    How do you try to "open a new window"? File -> New or File -> Open do
    not open a new window, they open a new file in the current window. If
    you want a new window, you need to start a new instance of xournal by
    starting the application again (or by clicking on a .xoj file in the
    file manager to open it in a new instance.)

    If the issue is that Gnome 3 doesn't want to start a new instance of
    xournal (or any other application that doesn't do multiple windows in a
    same instance) by clicking on its launcher when it's already open, you
    could file that as a bug or feature-request for Gnome 3 -- or use
    gnome-tweak-tool, "Shell Extensions" tab, to switch on the "Launch new
    instance" standard extension to fix this misbehavior.


    • Русский

      Русский - 2013-10-01

      Hi Denis,

      Thanks for pointing me to the Gnome 3 extension. I was indeed having that problem that I tried to open a new instance from Gnome Dashboard which never worked.

      That is, working with different opened instances is sufficient for me.



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