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sitting in university, I often image to be capable of adding Latex equations to my pdfs. I imagine it this was to be implemented:

There should be a second text environement specially for latex. The latex code intered there will be wrapped into a latex document, compiled external with the latex distribution, then rendered to a transparent png and inserted into the xournal layer. And the latex code should be stored seperatly, so that you can change the formula later. There are already skripts out there, which render latex formulas to png. This should be just possible more comfortable from within xournal.


  • jalmer

    jalmer - 2013-12-10

    I love lyx and use it as whiteboard solution in classroom. But for me as math and pyhsics teacher an equation editor, if possible wysiwg, is needed.
    Currently i use lyx and copy the screenshot into xournal (scrot to take the screenshot, imagemagick to crop the screenshot and ImgCLip to copy it into the Clipboard; see in action under and also the script http://www.edu-maphy.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=elearning:whiteboard).
    This lacks of editable equations and also of vectoriced data (not that important).
    Could it be possible to include this solution somehow into xournal.

    Lyx just recently added an equation editor mode (see http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/NewInLyX21#equationeditor).
    This wouldn't be really light weight, but xournal itself has just to include a button and a script that calls the files from a subfolder .xournal_lyx and edit it with within lyx and repaste the result.

    • Denis Auroux

      Denis Auroux - 2013-12-10

      Xournal is primarily made for handwritten annotations; text is supported
      for convenience and for non-tablet users, but even the text is not
      wysiwyg. If you are looking for a wysiwyg equation editor together with
      a presentation/annotation system, xournal is probably not the right
      software. (Of course someone could still try to add this feature, but it
      won't be me.)



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