#144 ortho ruler mode


From Rankin:
One additional option would be great,,,, consider adding an orthographic mode to the line tool! Since most lines drawn are either horizontal or vertical, it would be nice if the line tool would snap to these angles. If one needed to draw a line other than that the "swing" option would still do that. This is almost always an F8 toggle in most cad programs. Or maybe simply make it snap to 15 degree increments, maybe that's a little too fancy.


  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2012-05-28

    It's a pretty good idea. I think by default one could have lines angled less than 10 degrees or so from horiz/vertical snap to horizontal/vertical. I'm not keen on "F8", adding shortcuts that are not rational for the average user (who doesn't know CAD software) only messes up usability.

    Compare also with the existing ortho/snap patch, #2758895, which may be another way to do similar functionality and more.

    Probbly something to have in xournal++ too...


  • Alessandro

    Alessandro - 2012-11-21

    I second the request. If you look around, many people use xournal under linux for annotating PDFs, and do not use any stylus. Snap to horizontal/vertical lines in ruler mode is fundamental for that use case.

    Inkscape (and probably MS power point) implement the following behavior. Normally, lines are drawn without constraints. If the user keeps CTRL pressed, lines snap to 15 deg increments. This approach works very well.


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