text line spacing changes when zooming

  • Vittorio Belmonti

    I love xournal (0.4.7) and use it mostly for pdf annotation, which is great. However, when I create a brand new note on a blank page, the text does not keep anchored to the page. In particular, when entering several lines of text in a single window, I notice that line spacing changes when I zoom in or out. This is particularly annoying if graphics (lines, shapes, highlighting) is added, because these keep perfectly aligned with the page, while text does not. The result is that the positions of text and graphical items don't match anymore. The same problem arises when I export to PDF (in the PDF file, the text is completely misaligned, sometimes the last lines are cut off the page).
    I use xournal on my laptop, not on a tablet pc. I have installed all the packeges required in the INSTALL file (poppler included). My OS is Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise).
    Thank you for help!


  • Vittorio Belmonti

    I have noticed that line spacing is always inconsistent, not only when zooming or exporting a new note, but also when annotating PDFs directly. The problem shows up clearly whenever you write a long text, but it is not so clear for short texts. The font selected doesn't seem to matter a lot.
    Please let me know if there is a consistent method to show exactly, while editing the xoj file, the position text will have on the final PDF export (e.g. a given zooming factor, a particular setting or whatsoever).
    Thank you,

  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2013-02-08

    Unfortunately not… the problem appears to be that libgnomecanvas rounds the font size to the nearest integer amount of pixels, which can't be preserved consistently under zooming. (Whereas of course PDF has no problem with fractional font sizes). The more you zoom in, the more accurate things should become in terms of the on-display spacing matching the actual spacing. This is certainly an annoying issue, but fixing it will require a significant code rewrite.


  • Vittorio Belmonti

    Thank you for the reply.
    Now I see which is the problem. I think I won't bother much about it, xournal works wonderfully under many other respects and is still my favourite app for note taking and pdf annotation.
    Only, I wonder whether there's a simple way for compensating the rounding up or down of font height from line to line, within the same text window (e.g. if font height is rounded up to, say, 10 pixels in the first line, this could be taken into account in the second line, by rounding it down to 9 pixels, and the two lines together would amount to 19 pixels instead of 20; three lines would be 29 pixels, four lines 38, etc.) Don't know, maybe it's a silly suggestion.
    Thank you for the excellent work.
    Best regards,
    Vittorio Belmonti


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