I love Xournal++!!!

  • Anonymous - 2012-05-02

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the work done on Xournal++, and I hope the project doesn't die. I've compiled the latest version of Xournal++ off of the SVN just to check it out and I am blown away! I have been a long time windows user on my Lenovo X220t and I use Onenote for my notes and MS Journal for my homework and anything else that needs to be printed, as it has strict page borders.

    Since Windows 8 is going the way of abysmally bad, I thought I would give the latest Ubuntu a try. Lo and behold all my pen and touch drivers work out of the box! 12.04 is the first version of Ubuntu I can actually stand!

    So now I have this dilemma, if I stick with Ubuntu, I'm stuck with old Xournal that hasn't been updated since 2009 (?). My workflow really includes inserting images (plots, tables, other images) into my documents, which MS Journal allowed me to do (rather poorly). As far as my understanding, Xournal doesn't support this, but I tried Xournal++ and it worked fantastically!!! At least until it crashed and wouldn't start up again.

    Anyway, let me summarize the main points of what I'm trying to say:
    -I would like to help any way I can, should I submit bug/crash reports?
    -I would like to possibly contribute to the code in the future, though I've read in another topic that the code is not stable enough for patches yet?
    -The only this stopping me from wiping windows on my laptop is a stable Xournal++!
    -I really really appreciate the work done on Xournal and Xournal++! I really hope the project never dies!

  • bit gossip

    bit gossip - 2013-02-05

    I totally agree with you! I have got rid of windows a long time ago and xournal is a great piece of help!


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