Xournal and Tortoise SVN problems (Win 7)

  • Andrea Araldo

    Andrea Araldo - 2012-08-20

    I have an Asus eeepc with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.
    I had a perfectly working xournal installation on it, but, after installing Tortoise SVN, I started to have strange problems with xournal when trying to write on a pdf:

    - When I annotate a pdf with xournal, I am able to save the xoj file only if I do not add any texts. If I add a text, I am no more able to save the xoj file (xournal stops working - classical windows hourglass)
    - I can not open my previous xoj files with pdf annotation, (windows hourglass), but I can open the same files on other computers (so the files themselves are ok)
    - I have these problems not only in folders under svn versioning control, but in all file system

    These problems arises with both xournal 0.4.5 and xournal 0.4.7 (win 32 binary versions).

    After uninstalling Tortoise SVN all these problems disappeared.
    Have you got some ideas.


    (Congratulations to Xournal developers: xournal is very simple, useful and effective. I hope you'll go on!)

  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2012-08-21

    The most likely explanation would be that TortoiseSVN installs some DLLs in the Windows system directory that are incompatible versions of the same DLLs used by Xournal (which live in the same directory where you unpacked the zip file for xournal, since we don't have an installer). You could try copying the dlls that come with xournal into c:\windows\system32 (possibly overwriting some of those from TortoiseSVN in the process) and seeing if xournal works again. (However it's possible that TortoiseSVN will then stop working…)

    Not sure at all though, since I am not familiar with TortoiseSVN at all, and also not completely familiar with all the ways in which things can get broken under Windows…


  • Andrea Araldo

    Andrea Araldo - 2012-09-09

    I have uninstalled tortoise svn and installed a new version (tortoise svn 1.7.9).
    Now xournal works fine.

    Andrea Araldo


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