xournal flashing when use PDF file as background

  • Jim

    Jim - 2013-09-26

    I use xournal to project (and mark up) slides in my classes.

    If I don't use progressive_bg=false, I get an annoying flash when I
    advance to a new page (for, at least, the first time I display that
    page in the current session).

    If I do use that, it takes a long time to start up when my PDF file
    gets big.

    My current work-around is to not let my PDF files get too big, but it
    would be nicer to convince xournal not to flash the screen white
    (white-ish) between pages (which have a dark blue background).

    Anyone reading this who is familiar enough with the code as to make an
    opinion whether the flashing could be avoided by simulating
    progressive_bg=false on a page-by-page basis?


  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2014-07-02

    progressive_bg is exactly what makes the page display go on a page-by-page basis. It takes a long time and a lot of CPU to render a large PDF file. Either the pages have to be prepared in advance, and then startup takes a while as you noted; or they have to be rendered on-the-fly as you first access them and then we aren't able to display them immediately (hence the flashing you noticed).

    My personal approach is to keep progressive_bg always on but, if at some point I find that the flashing gets bothersome, move the scrollbar forward through the entire document then back to where I want to be so that all pages get generated at that time.



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