#137 menu dismiss behaviour problem


In 0.4.7 if you opened a drop-down menu (by left-clicking, not just pressing) and subsequently clicked on the xournal canvas area, the menu closed. In 0.4.8 this doesn't work (clicking on the menu bar does).

IMHO this is a step backwards. Was it intentional?



  • Denis Auroux

    Denis Auroux - 2014-07-02

    This was not intentional, but can't easily be avoided. It results from a
    choice between the lesser of two evils.

    Xournal 0.4.7 behavior: we don't trust GTK+ to handle the user interface
    correctly in the presence of XInput devices, so we emergency disable
    XInput whenever the cursor leaves the drawing area. The menu behavior is
    then perfect. However, when there's a sporadic motion event from another
    device (e.g. the touchscreen) we can no longer tell which device created
    it, and we can get very confused (drawing long lines between the pen
    position and the touch position is the typical problem, but sometimes
    also the pen doesn't report properly being lifted up). There are
    additional complications (e.g. a sporadic finger touch inside the canvas
    area while the pen has been dragged outside of it causes XInput to get
    reactivated and can sometimes get the input handling code completely

    Xournal 0.4.8 behavior: we trust that GTK+ interface elements can mostly
    work correctly with XInput, which is nearly true except for text boxes
    (so we still disable XInput for text editing) and for the menu issue
    that you point out. The advantage, being able to properly interpret
    touch input when the cursor leaves the drawing area in case a drawing
    action is still happening, is worth it in my opinion.

    I'll see if emergency-disabling XInput upon leaving the drawing area
    only if no user action is in progress would be even better as it might
    fix this misbehavior without messing up the ability to draw, but I'll
    need to do some extensive testing to convince myself that it doesn't
    break something else.


  • Jim

    Jim - 2014-07-02

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I agree that avoiding having mysterious lines show up is much more important than the menu issue.

    If you try out some changes and like what you see and need a beta tester, feel free to let me know.


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