Xortify Cloud Server 4.2.34 - New Credit/Store Card Banning & Anti-fraud

Xortify Cloud Server 4.2.34

The new Xortify Cloud Server 4.2.34 allows for dynamic geospatial banning also for credit + store cards (These are recorded without CVC/CVC2 so there is no aid to further fraud). This means Xortify.com allows for cards to be banned on the services as well as internet bans as well.

The new functions (I am going to be making a DOCX/PDF/ODT for all the API Functions now) on the API include:

  • cardtypes
  • category_list
  • category_add
  • xoops_get_session_key

The additional fields on the 'ban' function are as follows:

  • card-number varchar(42) default ''
  • card-type varchar(96) default ''
  • card-expire-month tinyint(2) default '0'
  • card-expire-year tinyint(4) default '0'
  • card-country-use varchar(32) default ''; (Country key from https://places.labs.coop)
  • card-country-collected varchar(32) default '' (Country key from https://places.labs.coop)
  • card-country-shipped varchar(32) default '' (Country key from https://places.labs.coop)
  • card-shipping-to mediumtext (Array)
  • card-shipping-from mediumtext (Array)

I will be outlining how to use these fields in the New API document I have been working on that will be finished in the next couple of days, these new fields are and have congruence in the ban/unban members class.


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Posted by Est. Simon Antony Roberts 2014-05-26 Labels: Xortify Cloud Service XOOPS 2.5 Credit Card API Functions