Wortify a Wordpress Client for Xortify.com

Wortify a Wordpress Client for Xortify.com

I am happy to announce that the first plugin for WordPress we have released is Wortify 4.0.1 Beta. It is still in a trial stage but this is a combination of the protector module from XOOPS as well as the Xortify client. This prevents Mal-users, hackers, DoS Attacks and a wide range of other hacks including Build-me-up which WordPress is chronically affected by.

You can download the beta from :: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xortify/files/Wordpress/3.x/wordpress3_wortify_4.0.1-beta.zip/download to trial and test but you will have to manually install it. If you want to view the PHPDocumentor terminologies you can at https://xortify.com/client/wordpress/ this will be steadily moved from alphie-a/beta to beta 2 then RC and finally with a workable version for Wordpress.

We have submitted the ZIP to WordPress.org for review and addition to the WordPress SVN!

Posted by Est. Simon Antony Roberts 2014-02-25 Labels: Xortify Wortify WordPress Client

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