Program your Xorplus Switches

James Liao

ProgramYour Own Pica8 Xorplus Switch

Pica8 Xorplus is a switch software to run on accelerated switch platforms.

The first step of your Xorplus project is to prepare a platform where you can try and test your software. Currently only limited accelerated switches are open for programming. The most common platforms are the switches from Pronto Systems. If you are interested in GE platforms, we recommend Pronto 3290. If you want 10GE platform, we recommend Pronto 3780.

To order the Pronto switches, please contact Pronto resellers

When the Pronto switches arrive, they should be installed with Pica8 Xorplus image already. Here are some tips that might help you to have easier start.

  • The wiring of the serial port is the same as Cisco. You can use any Cisco serial cable (or any compatible ones) to connect to the switch.
  • The serial port baud rate is 115200, 8n1, no flow control.
  • The default user/password is admin/pica8 and operator/pica8
  • The default IP setting of the management port is DHCP.
  • The default root Linux password is root/pica8

The complete Pica8 manual can be downloaded here.

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