Legacy 2.1.3

  • minahito

    minahito - 2007-10-08

    Hi everyone,

    We have some existing bugs in the HEAD and we could not remove them on 2.1.2 schedule. I think the project should release 2.1.3 as a minor changes from 2.1.2. Perhaps that will not be tough work, because the tracker has good reports and good patches.

    We have also 2.2.0 branch. But, now, the project has only a couple of active committers. Therefore, we should put 2.1.3 before 2.2.0.

    I think we'll release 2.1.3 next month. What do you think? And, can you take a part in the plan?

    • gigamaster

      gigamaster - 2007-10-08

      Hi Minahito,

      I'm still working locally on GUI improvements based on Wanikoo contributions,
      and review theme and templates. Thought it match 2.2.0 goal.
      Anyway I am for a 2.1.3 release !
      Hope to get some free time this week and test the last snapshot.

      Best Regards,


    • minahito

      minahito - 2007-11-27

      Our (my?) release schedule was dead. We have to recover this. Put off Legacy 2.2.0 plan to next year. Then keep efforts to release 2.1.3 this year. I'll work on this version as main programer, but, I don't have a detailed knowledge of web technology. Most patches need your advices:


      If you help me, write a comment to each tracker items, or discuss those in your local community then report your conclusions.

      I don't know what I should do for those items.

      • gigamaster

        gigamaster - 2007-12-02


        Maybe we should move on with these items, apply suggestions
        and  if someone report a problem, there will be a solution.
        Developers will be able to quick read the last code and find comments 'to do'
        Legacy took too much time and energy. It's stable and powerful.
        Perfection will come with time. Actually Legacy is excellent !

        Legacy 2.1.3 should be released with new themes (admin & front) and a simple tutorial.
        (maybe integrated with Legacy Render documentation) to set everyone free to create its
        own theme.

        Hodajuku distribution has an installer to match D3 modules requirements
        but this installer needs a refactory to reduce steps, simplify process
        and improve user experience. In the meanwhile it is a great initiative!

        While Wiki documentation is translated, new packages released,
        focus on Cube and later explain abstraction with a few samples.

        • minahito

          minahito - 2007-12-16

          > Legacy 2.1.3 should be released with new themes (admin & front) and a simple tutorial.
          > (maybe integrated with Legacy Render documentation) to set everyone free to create its
          > own theme.

          I agree. Can you contribute it? CVS welcomes such enhancements!

          • gigamaster

            gigamaster - 2007-12-16

            I play with wanikoo User Interface improvements and 
            since it only applies to 'output', all is good ^^
            I still have some issues to commit with my local config
            if it persist I'll pack and send the files.

      • minahito

        minahito - 2007-12-16

        I'll release XCL 2.1.3RC at 23th, Dec. Please fix bugs, and implement light-weight feature requests.

        If you have commit-right, commit directly to HEAD. If you don't have commit-right, send a patch. And, if you have sent good patches, you may request commit-right. Read Wiki 'Get_Involved'.


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