• minahito

    minahito - 2008-03-09


    We will release 2.1.4 RC 15th March. This is minor upgrade version. Big enhancement, big change, changing mainfile.php and new themes will be contained to 2.2.0.

    2.1.3 Users can just overwrite with 2.1.4. And, they can use 2.1.4 without confusion, even if we have already good enhancement patches.

    If you have free time enough, assigin your account to items of the trackers. Our history consists of traker items. So it's important that you handle only items of the tracker. You need to register or assign to items of the tracker before your do something to source code.

    As commit message, use "Fix Bug #xxxx - xxxx" or "Implement Patch #xxxx - xxxx". See also docs/CHANGES.txt and learn our way. After you commit, you need to add items and staff name to docs/CHANGES.txt

    For example:
    [Bug Fix - From Bug Tracker]
    - Fix Bug #1833191 - [lang] lisense message of installer
    - Fix Bug #1867504 - showall anchor text must be urlencoded (Search Func)
    - Fix Bug #1868269 - Notice[PHP] at japanese/xoopsmailerlocal.php
    - Fix Bug #1880410 - Too strict checking for block's weight


    [Patches - From Feature Request Tracker]
    - Request #1905593 - Needs IsReverseProxy in site_default.ini.php


    - GIJOE
    - jidaikobo
    - Mikhail


    * Tracker Items in ID order.
    * Staff name in ABC order.

    I recommend reading CHANGELOG.txt. It shows our way to you.

    If a subject of the item is not good for CHANGES(update history), modify a subject of the item.

    == WHEN CLOSE ITEM? ==
    If you need third man's check, keep open. But, if you don't need  it, you may close items right now. Even if items are opened, close items that nobody checks at release day.

    • minahito

      minahito - 2008-03-09

      I want to fix all small bugs completely in 2.1.4. After then, we will go to 2.2.0. In 2.2.0, it's possible to contain big changes, wanikoo's excellent patches, changes of mainfile.php.

    • gigamaster

      gigamaster - 2008-03-09

      Thanks to make the 'commit process' clear ^^

      Since interface is not interfering with code
      but only with 'universal meaning' to end-users
      maybe we can use 2.14 for small improvements
      icons, css, etc. That way, we have some feedback
      to greater improvements of 2.2.0

      • minahito

        minahito - 2008-03-13

        Thank you for your commit!

        I want to fix all small bugs (2.1.x bugs) in 2.1.4.
        And go to 2.2.0 with great patches!


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