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Legacy 2.1.5

  • minahito

    minahito - 2008-05-17

    Hi all,

    We are developing 2.2.0 branch, but the current Package_Legacy 2.1.4 has some issues. So I want to release 2.1.5 from HEAD.
    Mr nobunobu who 2.2.0 main developer has fixed small bugs on HEAD! By his good work, 2.1.5 release will not give any confusions to development.

    I'll request gusagi to help. If you can write PHP code and hope to help this release, read GET_INVOLVED of wiki and enter a contest.

    2.1.5 will have just bug fixes. Let's commit improvements to 2.2.0 branch, not 2.1.5.

    • minahito

      minahito - 2008-05-18

      I talked with gusagi about the schedule in IRC.

      We have assigned track items to each developer. So we began to fix bugs this week. 25 May, we will talk about release-day of 2.1.5 RC.

      Some items of Feature Request may be taken to this version. And, we have to take the portuguese translations patch.

      • GIJOE

        GIJOE - 2008-05-18

        How long do we test the RC?
        A week looks too short (eg. 2.1.4RC), but I cannot assume it with my confidence...

    • minahito

      minahito - 2008-05-18

      Yes, I think that a week is short, too. So RC test needs 2 weeks.

      We need to collect opinions about RC schedule from this forum and local ML.

    • minahito

      minahito - 2008-07-04

      I will release the stable edition as scheduled 6th, July. Some bugs and pathes have been reported since RC release, so we should check those items and consider to commit.

      I am too busy at weekday. Therefore I'll work for those 5th, July.

      #2003440 ... I'll commit at once.
      #2006262 ... I'll check this situation.
      #2008857 ... Tom_G3X was accepted to this item.
      #2010090 ... Basically I'll commit this.

      • minahito

        minahito - 2008-07-06

        We took some patches since RC release, but one of those patches has none-simple problem. Gusagi has been written a better patch. But, we should not release the stable edition today that contains the patch that is not confirmed by users.

        Therefore, we decided to release RC2 and defer the stable release.

        RC2 will have more a week for test.

        • GIJOE

          GIJOE - 2008-07-06

          > Gusagi has been written a better patch

          I don't think it's a better patch.
          refer this please.

          • minahito

            minahito - 2008-07-06

            Hi GIJOE,

            I agree your suggestion. We should consider what patch is suitable for "2.1.5" that is minor upgrade version from 2.1.4.

            I wanted to release the RC2 today, but we don't need hurry. We should have time of a day until the conclusion is reached.

      • minahito

        minahito - 2008-07-13

        Hi all,

        Today is the stable release day. But, we said the following at RC2 release day.

        > If a young patch that RC2 contains will not cause any troubles, we will release the stable edition next week.

        The current repository (RC2) causes some troubles. Patches are already contributed, but we need times to confirm that new patches work correctly and don't cause any troubles.

        We might make a new archive (RC3?) to test.

        • minahito

          minahito - 2008-07-20

          > We might make a new archive (RC3?) to test.

          I've just released RC3. It's about time to release the stable edition. So we should not work for new reports, if an issue of the reports doesn't occur from A.


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