redirect_header() anchor support?

  • okuhiki

    okuhiki - 2007-06-24

    Whether url for which the anchor is specified in the redirect_header function
    is received and applied or not?

    • minahito

      minahito - 2007-06-29

      Legacy_Controller::executeRedirect() does not support messages having URL. Because executeRedirect() is flash-message until redirect will be completed. If the redirect page has to show users two links, executeRedirect() should not be used for a such uses.

    • okuhiki

      okuhiki - 2007-06-29

      the answer thank you.
      I understood.

      it a noproblem?

      action = comment_post.php
      $_POST['com_dopost'] = <{$smarty.const._SUBMIT}>

      Line 78      $op = 'post';
      Line 389,392 use redirect_header() written anchor.

      • minahito

        minahito - 2007-06-30

        > Line 389,392 use redirect_header() written anchor.

        I may not have understood what is anchor. I thought that is "a href" tag in URL. What is 'anchor'? Is that like 'label jump'?

        I also thought that may be a bug. But, I hope that you understand that Legacy_Controller::executeRedirect() is NOT the same function as redirect_header(). Legacy has many policies different from X2, for the same purpose. If some developers don't agree Legacy's policies, they have to use their original functions or X2 deprecated functions.

        • okuhiki

          okuhiki - 2007-06-30

          url = scheme://user:pass@host:port/path?query#fragment
          fragment is anchor id(name).

          I think bad url

          I think url

          # sorry in poor English.


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