Should we move extra_languages to languages?

  • minahito

    minahito - 2008-03-17


    Request #1914552 was important patch for us. XCL got possibility to install UTF-8 languages correctly in any cases. So we can consider whether we move extra_languages to languages.

    However, most modules don't have language pack for extra languages. Therefore, in some languages (CJK), users may be confused because installed modules can not display message correctly.

    (I know that there are many beginners in Japan. Maybe they will be confused.)

    I wish that translators and expert users consider about this. Will users in your mother language not be confused even if extra_languages become regular languages?

    Anyway, the project recommend developers to contain additional language pack (UTF-8) for extra_languages.

    • GIJOE

      GIJOE - 2008-03-17

      I agree to move extra_languages into normal language.
      There are no reasons separating them.

      Or all languages other than english are removed from core package.
      Then, archive language pack each other.

      And #1914552 can contain an important misconstrue.
      We may need "ALTER DATABASE" or "SHOW CREATE DATABASE" existent database instead of "CREATE DATABASE" new database.

      I'll confirm it soon.

    • gigamaster

      gigamaster - 2008-03-24


      Not everybody has a 10mb/s and need all languages
      So, the Project should release a "Full Package"
      (including extra_languages in /language)

      But also release a light "Core Package"
      with only core and english catalog.

      Next step with "download center" should feature 'local packages'

      I hope everybody will adopt UTF, to avoid ISO packages...

      Download stats should help to 'openly' take such decision.

      Cheers ^^


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