Do you need IRC channel?

  • minahito

    minahito - 2007-10-25

    I think that we may need more places to exhange informations, discuss code design and ask questions, because writing code is no longer work in specific developers' charge. Many open source projects take IRC for that. provides free IRC server to open source projects.

    I've joined to IRC of some open source projects, and I feel that the IRC is:

    ## Advantage ##
    - There are few idle talks than MSN chat and other messenger systems.
    - Joiners don't have to respond.
    - Talking in IRC is pretty shorter time than writing in forums.
    - Using freenode doesn't need any costs.

    ## Disadvantage ##
    - "The time difference" limits realtime joiners.
    - Even if the time difference doesn't exist, perhaps there are no people in the channel in many cases.
    - Even if IRC channel is public, the log is not left in public, so we should NOT use IRC to decide really important things.

    IRC channel may be useful for all kinds of contributers --- Programers (core, base, module and patch), Designers, Testers and Document Writers.

    I wish to hear many opinions about this. What do you think?

    • gigamaster

      gigamaster - 2007-10-25

      Realtime can be useful for a workshop
      to practice some tutorial and get help
      from a volunteer (most users will feel
      comfortable within msn or google apps)

      Also, with different time zones
      it may not be the best tool.

      At least. It can be created and add a link
      on support sites. If community members need
      it, they will be aware that they can use it
      for further local and global planned meetings

      • minahito

        minahito - 2007-11-02

        Some contributors began to test of IRC possibility. It's difficult to get logs and open these. And, IRC is not OPEN than Forums. But, it's better for light-weight topic than Forums.

        I think ・・・ we will go to more test, if contributors agree it. Different time zones will divide us, but IRC may be useful for European.

    • minahito

      minahito - 2007-11-16

      We will open a channel as test channel.

      channel: ##xoopscube

      Choose UTF-8 encode in your IRC channel.

      "Gusagibot" is joining to the channel always. Gusagibot is a bod who keeps a channel open state. The bod is supplied from Mr, gusagi. Thanks!

      We can record logs of IRC. But, we should not use IRC for important topics that we need log. So I don't know whether we need log. Because XOOPS Cube is open world, we may need log of IRC. But, many OSS projects doesn't publish logs, because they don't talk important topics in IRC.


      At the beginning, test ##xoopscube channel. Then, let's decide rules!

      • gigamaster

        gigamaster - 2007-12-06

        Gmail add new features. Among them, the Chat just got better with group chat and new emoticons.
        Integrated to gmail interface (with a pop-up option) it becomes a really nice feature.
        Also documents and powerpoint presentations can be shared and discussed with the group.


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