Wiki Update Plan

  • minahito

    minahito - 2007-11-02

    Controbitors began organizing Wiki articles, to make this place better to developers. I'm going to add Index that consists of links to empty pages.

    That's draft plan. Developers can use 100% of, but end-users can not do it. Therefore, I think that and each local communities should divide roles.

    - has technical articles for DEVELOPERS.
    - Each local community has articles for USERS.

    But, the XOOPS Cube project is still baby, so we will have to request collaborations to also end-users. Anyway, we have each entrance for each language. If a language has its developers community and its end-users community, add links to those.

    Use 'Discussion Tab' well. This feature is really useful. You can discuss for the page in the page.

    • gigamaster

      gigamaster - 2007-11-02

      This is an important step.
      I'm checking wiki structure
      end user interface. Maybe
      with a short explanation
      we can make it "accessible"
      to everyone.

    • tohokuaiki

      tohokuaiki - 2007-11-05

      To understand clearly, I edit xoopscube wiki at

      As English is our master language, wiki top is English Top page.
      And, other each languages has each top page.For examples Japanese top is

      And Create page about "Editorial policy of this document"

      this page will be updated by this discussion in here.

    • gigamaster

      gigamaster - 2007-11-06

      The structure and links proposal are semantically correct and in conformity
      with the project multi-language requirements.

      I have checked some pages and start to edit content.
      But I did not try to create new documents with the language extension ";fr"


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