#74 Email notification on PM


=> What is it ?

This hack allows the users to get notified by mail
whenever they receive a Private Message. Of course,
this only works if a user have selected the Email
notification method.

=>How to install it ?

Upload the content of the 'html' folder at the root of
your XOOPS site. Only 3 files from the original XOOPS
install get modified but, as usual, if you have other
hacks installed on your site, you should do a file
comparison first.


  • Jon

    Jon - 2004-11-28

    Logged In: YES

    nice job, works good. the mail template needs a small amount
    of work, but would probably look best if you didn't include
    the text of the message and just stated the user received a
    message, click here to view

  • Marc-Andre Lanciault

    Logged In: YES

    Little fix. In pmlite.php, replace line 87 :
    $xoopsMailer->assign('X_ITEM_URL', XOOPS_URL .
    "/readpmsg.php?start=" . $pm->getVar('msg_id') .

    With this line :
    $xoopsMailer->assign('X_ITEM_URL', XOOPS_URL .

    It seems like accessing a single messgae directly is
    dangerous because of the way the link is interpreted. If the
    link points to the Inbox, then the problem cannot happen.


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