#149 2.0.14 error logger render XHTML strict compliance fixes


In xhtml 1.0 strict tags have a mandatory
summary attribute.

The error log rendering routine doesn't have this
attribute in its tables, breaking xhtml compliance.

I've attacjed a file with table summaries added.

I realise this is a very low priority fix, as it only
occurs when an admin is viewing a page with errors, and
the error logger is set to show the logs. When anyone
else is viewing the page, it doesn't break xhtml 1.0
strict compliance.

It's a minor detail, but still.. a detail.



  • Herko Coomans

    Herko Coomans - 2006-06-04

    logger_render.php with xhtml 1.0 strict compliance fixes

  • Herko Coomans

    Herko Coomans - 2006-06-05

    Logged In: YES

    Is it also possible to get the logger output within the
    <body> of the html document? Currently it's rendered after
    the body and html tags are closed.

  • Skalpa Keo

    Skalpa Keo - 2006-06-17

    Logged In: YES

    Two things...

    First, the summary attribute is not mandatory, the DTD (even
    the strict one) defines it as #IMPLIED, which in clear
    language means it is optional (the reason why I'm closing
    the tracker item).

    Also, you can control where you want the logger output to
    appear by adding the following string in your theme:

    If this string is found somewhere, then the logger will
    replace it with its output, otherwise it will insert the log
    after all the page (thus after </html>)



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