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#398 customization: new smarty is needed for <title>

Core (214)

Now many people in create topics and want to remove some parts from title but they cannot do it easily because the hardcoded in the themes.<br> Anyway this hardcode problem (more than one php variable is defined for one smarty) is not limited to the themes. It is generally used in modules/core and make customization very hard especially for new webmasters.<br> this title hardcode smarty is defined in class/theme.php codes:<br> <span>[code]</span><br> $this->template->assign(array(<br> 'xoops_theme' => $xoops->getConfig('theme_set'),<br> 'xoops_imageurl' => XOOPS_THEME_URL . '/' . $xoops->getConfig('theme_set') . '/',<br> 'xoops_themecss' => $xoops->getCss($xoops->getConfig('theme_set')),<br> 'xoops_requesturi' => htmlspecialchars($_SERVER<span>['REQUEST_URI']</span>, ENT_QUOTES),<br> 'xoops_sitename' => htmlspecialchars($xoops->getConfig('sitename'), ENT_QUOTES),<br> 'xoops_slogan' => htmlspecialchars($xoops->getConfig('slogan'), ENT_QUOTES),<br> 'xoops_dirname' => $xoops->moduleDirname,<br> 'xoops_banner' => $this->renderBanner ? $xoops->getBanner() : ' ',<br> 'xoops_pagetitle' => $xoops->isModule() ? $xoops->module->getVar('name') : htmlspecialchars($xoops->getConfig('slogan'), ENT_QUOTES)<br> ));<br> $this->template->assign(array(<br> 'theme_path' => $this->path,<br> 'theme_tpl' => $this->path . '/xotpl',<br> 'theme_url' => $this->url,<br> 'theme_img' => $this->url . '/img',<br> 'theme_icons' => $this->url . '/icons',<br> 'theme_css' => $this->url . '/css',<br> 'theme_js' => $this->url . '/js',<br> 'theme_lang' => $this->url . '/language',<br> ));<br> <span>[/code]</span><br> As you can see we have xoops_slogan smarty variable but again it is used in xoops_pagetitle variable. It is bad coding.</p> <p>We already have xoops_slogan and xoops_sitename smarties.<br> we should define a xoops_modulename smarty that back the module name or empty string if the module is not exist:</p> <p>'xoops_modulename' => $xoops->isModule() ? $xoops->module->getVar('name') : '';</p> <p>then xoops_array_pagetitle should be defined as an array in class/theme.php like this:<br> $xoops_array_pagetitle = array();<br> ....</p> <p>'xoops_array_pagetitle' => $xoops_array_pagetitle,</p> <p>and can be defined for each module separately (can be fully customized eg: page title - page subtitle - cat title - sub cat title - sub sub cat title)<br> for example for publisher module like this:<br> $xoops_array_pagetitle<span>['item_title']</span> = ...<br> $xoops_array_pagetitle<span>['item_subtitle']</span> = ...</p> <p>or for newbb like this:</p> <p>$xoops_array_pagetitle<span>['post_title']</span> = ....<br> $xoops_array_pagetitle<span>['topic_title']</span> = ....<br> $xoops_array_pagetitle<span>['forum_title']</span> = ... (sub forums and others included)<br> $xoops_array_pagetitle<span>['cat_title']</span> = ....</p> <p>then all modules can use the unify below code to assign xoops_array_pagetitle like this:<br> $xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_array_pagetitle',$xoops_array_pagetitle);</p> <p>then can be used in all themes like this:<br> <span>[code]</span><br> <title><br> <{if $xoops_array_pagetitle}><br> <{foreachq item=xo_title from=$xoops_array_pagetitle}><br> <{$xo_title}> :<br> <{/foreach}><br> <{/if}><br> <!-- irmtfan for backward compatibility --><br> <{if $xoops_pagetitle !=''}> <{$xoops_pagetitle}> : <{/if}><br> <{$xoops_modulename}> : <{$xoops_slogan}> : <{$xoops_sitename}>

The above is the final solution for full customization of title in the head without hardcoding.
we can implement the above by modifying class/theme.php and show the use in theme.html or other html like xometas.html
then we can promote for module developers to use $xoops_array_pagetitle instead of $xoops_pagetitle


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