#369 The Time is +5 of local Timezone (for EST, i.e. GMT-5)


The timezone for the server and the system, as well as the user is set to GMT-5, but the time shown (e.g. when compiling the system module or setting the time of publish in News) is for GMT (which is +5 of the local Timezone).

At this moment I don't know if this is the same behavior for other timezones (i.e. local Timezone +5, or just GMT). We need to test on systems in other Timezones.


  • Michael Beck

    Michael Beck - 2012-03-26

    Just tested on www.xoops.org and without XavierS' hack, it works OK.
    But it doesn't work on local WAMP installation.

  • Xavier Soler

    Xavier Soler - 2012-03-31

    the system of time management is not effective, it does not handle timezones, nor DST
    we must correct it
    GMT +-XX is'nt correct
    My first solution was'nt correct i tryed to use the "timezone_offset" and "default_TZ"
    i was wrong, my apologize
    i think i find a solution but we need a cookies to save the true timezone of the user before his login and on the first page, without this cookies, the time will be with the default_tz


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