#340 Extended debug preferences


The debug should get its own category of preferences, allowing better control of debug.
The current general system debug preference, will still be used, but only to switch it on or off.
In the new debug category, preferences are present for:
Smarty debugging: off (or on)
PHP debugging:on (or off)
PHP debug display: inline (or popup)
Show to groups: webmasters (multiselect other groups in anonymous)
Limit to IP: off (or on)
IP number (if previous is on, debug messages will only be showed to this IP number (or if possible, range eg 123.45.*) )

Next is a division by message type of the PHP debug:
Show message types: All PHP error classes can be selected on or off

Introducing also the E_USER_DEPRECATED type, which group all deprecated messages.
These messages have nothing to do with the good functioning of a XOOPS site and they are of no interest for the regular XOOPS user and are only ballast for the site, the user, the XOOPS forum and the XOOPS support team.
Too many times users are needless alarmed by these deprecated messages and as their numbers are always increasing, they may hide or distract the real problems.
Only module developers should see them.
Making use of this constant may allow to turn these errors' display selectively on or off.
If the constant is not available as in PHP < 5.3.0, a check with ifdefined should define it.

Maybe the settings one by one for each type is too much asked, but at least some grouping should be possible as eg user standard, user extended, developer.

If later, other debug possibilities are added, then this preference category can accomodate the settings needed for that, eg:


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