XoopsGold - 2006-09-27

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I find this area to be totally restrictive.

The best is to have switches in each respective fields.

Those switches could create a dynamic forms and allow sreaches.
Hence the search function could be clubbed with general
classes like, if a fieldset is text, then the possible
search function to be applied are like Begining, Contains,
End, etc.

Hence the quality of fields and erspectible searches could
be called from the classes.

I myself had to do some extra php Programming to generate
forms for searching other field values.

By having a default form for search function of "find users"
it restricts the seraches drastically.

If a user or admin needs to require custom fields, then
there should be also a way to search exactly those fields.
Hence having a default search routines does not help admins
thos require custom fields.