pemen - 2006-09-22

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I understand very well your request but it is more
complicated than it appears.
We must separate Authentication and LDAP Directory
In a company, a LDAP directory (LDAP or AD) is normally use
as central user repository and comes with its own tools
(identity management applications).
In this case, it exists application call self-service that
allows user to change their "central" password in the
directory (for instance if you use AD as central repository
you can change your password with the standard windows GUI).

When you connect XOOPS on your LDAP directory, you just
want to authenticate XOOPS users in the central directory.
(I develop a little xoops database provisionning to
simplify management)

The question is : can I use XOOPS to change my global
repository password ?
The answer is yes but not really in the core authentication
I think it's more a xoops user management extension than a
core authentication feature.
We don't mixed the layers !

I already use XOOPS as IAM portal management but I develop
specific module for that.

You request is actually in reflexion for the future version
of xoops 2.3/2.4 with a new user management.

Nevertheless, I will think about a simple solution : for
example, through a simple module.