#207 ENTITY MANAGER: Permissions Templates / Sub Groups

Core (214)

Hallo all!

Using cerberus tickiting as mentioned in my earlier
feature request, I saw that they have users that are
there and could be easily added to a company. That gave
me an idea as follows:

One cannot have the name of companies as Groups. Having
30.000 companies database for e.g. would mean so many


It would then be necessary to have SUB GROUPS° within

This will also open an new world to the features in
Xoops. This leads to one:many, many:many and mand:one
relationships in the core completely and fully developed.

I wonder if this could be achieved with the permission
templates shooting on the modules, groups and sub-groups!!!

Making an hypotheical example of cerberus, as I read
from the post out there as follows:

Group: Support Level Premium
Sub Group: Companies

Group: Editors
Sub Group: Article

Table xoops_companies

com_id com_legalname com_address

Table xoops_entities

mapp_id group_id subgroup_id

It is therefore, necessary to have an Entity manager in
the admin seperate to User manager...

I am very exicted about the permission template and am
eagerly waiting it to be implemented in the future
versions, especially in view of sub groups. Does any
any CMS ever created on earth have this feature?

Xoops does understand a group could also comprise one
person -> 1:1, Group with members 1:x. But sub-groups
will bring x:x (Group:Sub-Group) relation quality. And
clarity most of all!


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