#202 Core feature: User mapping for multiple databases



After hunting for many other open source software, I
see that there are tons of features available that
could be used. All those open source is available but
cannot be used simply because each and every CMS offers
rather in an adamont behavioural pattern, stupid
enough, their own core functions and modules.

Now the core developers are always busy to refine all
central core functions while the module developers
remain frustrated. The worst part of every CMS story in
todays technological developments stage of the era in
our mankind is that volumes of working hours is
invested each time but left either unused or out of time.

Users of a CMS are the worst hit. Postnuke? What
happened? Joomla! Wheres Mambo? Come on, in which funny
world do we live in? Programmers fight and users are
mostly left alone. Mercy.

That follows a practical, real and logical idea, more
of ideological and philosophical thinking as follows:

Xoops offers all possible gateways to use every module
on earth in relation to user tables, login/modification
possibilities and sessions.

Simply by providing a Hook from the core or a plugin,
Xoops core may then allow updating fields in other
areas of the tables which are registered or even in
anathor remote database.

This solves all inherent problems that are due to
compatibility problems. Hence each and every module
developers could develop their work as a module or a
standalone version, where the module version may or
must offer more functions, especially due to smart
xoops core.

By this all other modules of other CMS would also be
tied togather. To do this only a database mapping would
be required, which should not be difficult at all to
develop. By this database pluggin, imagine thousands of
modules and working hours pouring into the quality of
XOOPS CMS giving a super CMS quality.

My vision of this feature is as follows:

  1. Register the database and tables, local or remote
    that Xoops core would require interface with.
  2. Mapp user info, company info, group info
    possibilities in a generic way, NOT RESTRICTING TO
    specific fields. The fields could be either saved in
    mysql or through plugin.config.inc.php possibility.
  3. Seperate email address from user extended profiles
    and customer data.
  4. Offer a plugin.php as
    www.xoops.com/include/plugin.php to be included in
    every other software for login, modification and
    sessions functions as central login possibility offered
    by Xoops.
  5. Xoops will offer central loggin to each and every
    standalone or CMS, like Joomla, etc.
  6. User modifications and sessions would be immediately
    logged or updated in all reguistered CMS/Standalone tables.
  7. Xoops provide an extended statistics in this regards...

This feature then would become very interesting to all
the other CMS users. They may want to use a central
login system of Xoops Gateway to even combine Joomla,
Xoops and Drupal!

By this Xoops opens a new Arena of existing users to
about 5 Million new users, a revolution and makes all
the existing users of Xoops 5 Million times Lucky to be
also opening a new Arena to use other modules from
other CMS!!!

I sincerely hope to see this function in the next
version and fail to beleive if some user would be
unhappy due to its presence or if a developer would
come forward claiming that this feature could be very
difficult to develope or incorporate!!!


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