#198 Cache and Preferences requires seperation



I noticed a major difference after I made some changes
in the system preferences under:


So If I want to have one new theme selected I need it
to be atleasted listed through the system preferences
for it to appear in the themes block.

Updating or submitting this, it deleted the entire
cache. But this is not what I wanted. I did not change
or wanted to change aningthing in the chache. Simply
changing anything in this form deletes everything in
the chache folder.

This slows down the entire site. There were blocks and
modules with 1 Month chache preference.

I beleive that there should be a clear seperation
between the two, like Cache controller annd Preference


  • Herko Coomans

    Herko Coomans - 2006-01-29

    Logged In: YES

    Actually, this behaviour makes sense. When you change
    something in your general settings, which are site-wide by
    default, you want these changes to resolve throughout the
    whole site immediately, and not just after a month. For
    instance, if you switch to another template set, you want to
    see the effect immediately, not after the time all the
    blocks have 'expired' their cache lifetimes.
    Plus, it's only the lifetimes that are reset, so the site is
    only a bit slower for the very first person that sees the
    pages again, because at that time the new cached versions
    are generated and used for consecutive visits.

  • XoopsGold

    XoopsGold - 2006-01-29

    Logged In: YES

    Hallo Herko!

    Thanks. You are right. I meant that there are functions in
    this form that are not cache related. Changing them should
    not destroy chache. Thats what I mean...For instance:

    1. Changing User name for Guests
    2. Name of User cookies.
    3. All sessions related, length, name, etc...
    4. Debug mode...
    5. Banner activate...

    Thats what I meant...However this is a very small thing....I
    just wanted to draw attention and did not actually mean to
    ask a feature or bug/complain...My Xoops is horribily slow
    on a vServer with dynamic pages. I am forced to work with


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