Peter - 2005-06-01

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I'm no expert on this, but recently a person ported
osCommerce to use Interbase, and said it was very easy
because of the PHP support for it.

Therefore, the same would be true (I assume) for postgresql,
as PHP has support for it ( ), then
I can't see that it woud be a big job. That said, a lot will
depend on how XOOPS has structured the db connections,
because that is, of course 99% of the work involved in
porting to another db.

Good to see people want to use something better than MySQL,
both Interbase and PostgreSQL have their benefits,
especially with PostgreSQL. you can have 'dynamic arrays'
within columns, which is somewhat like the linear hash files
used by Pick and Revsoft.

As far as perfomance issues, both PostgreSQL and IB are in a
higher league than MySQL. :D