#158 Add virtual host ability [Feature Request]

Core (214)

It would be awesome if we were able to place all the
static pages out side of, or in the root directory and
have config/unique to each virtual host info in there
own sub folders and database with the abilty to share
databases in case someone might want to give user
permision from one of the other sites or share a forum...
Say www.mysite.net and dev.mysite.net could have
folders under root www_mysite_net and dev_mysite_net
and the databases could be named under the same convention.

Then the abilty to share the user entries so that maybe
we could set the group webmasters from www.mysite.net
could also login to dev.mysite.net and mybe have the
abilty to assign a registered user to www.mysite.net to
be webmaster at dev.mysite.net.

I going to attempt a hack my self but can make no
promises as I have never worked with php before. I
picked up a few books so I should be able to accomplish
something in the next few months;)


  • Jan Pedersen

    Jan Pedersen - 2005-05-15

    Logged In: YES

    Skalpa is planning this for XooSphere ("Next major XOOPS
    version") and has come quite far with it.

  • Corey DeLasaux

    Corey DeLasaux - 2005-05-15

    Logged In: YES

    If anyone knows a link of where I can find more information
    on xoops core structure (any thing to help me figure out
    what files I would need to modify) please email me the info.

  • Corey DeLasaux

    Corey DeLasaux - 2005-05-15

    Logged In: YES

    Is there anything I can do to assist?

  • Rik

    Rik - 2005-11-06

    Logged In: YES

    It would be great to share a userdatabase of a forum between
    multiple sites.. In my case, i have 2 startrek sites. with 2
    diffrent userdatabases.


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