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#119 Image Manager Enhancements


Hi All,

Been using image manager a bit over the past week or
two, and there are a few things that I think could be
done to make this great feature even better.

  1. Sub categories. If you plan to use a lot of images on
    your site, then having only a single level of category
    organisation is going to make your image organisation
    very cluttered very quickly.

  2. Image thumbnailing. This would be useful for saving
    bandwidth and for those using fixed width themes. If
    you could have an option to 'enable thumbnail' so that
    when you upload an image, a thumbnail of definable
    dimensions and quality of that image (such as in
    xcGallery) is automatically created. Then when you use
    image manager to insert an image only the thumbnail is
    shown, and when you click on the thumbnail the full
    sized image is opened up in a new window.

  3. Sorting in alpabetical order. I found that the number
    weighting system for ordering image display a little
    clunky as well. It would be good I think if there was an
    option to just sort alpabetically on the names you give
    the images. Perhaps even someway of associating the
    images with the articles/posts/faqs that they are being
    used in?


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