var $_mHandler; & getVar();

  • XoopsGold

    XoopsGold - 2007-12-23


    It seems to be a deadend for me in this area. Either this is not possible or I am making a mistake. So I would appreciate for a hint.

    I need to access objects from the table while the field values are displayed in the form and store them in a blob field in the form of a protocoll. Thats the problem.

    Now accessing the objects with $member_handler > getUser > getVar works only for the fields correctly when they are not in the form.field_name. The field values that are in the and form.field.old DOES NOT WORK.

    This means that the getVar passes on the values that are available in the $REQUEST, _EVENTHOUGH the values are accessed through the object.php!

    It does not seems to be possible.



    $email_db = $from_db->getVar("email", "E"); // Old email
    $from_db->getVar("myname", "E"); // An example field here
    $email_post = $_POST['email']; // new email value

    Saving the form will have

    $email_db = $email_post

    Hence the getVar(email) from db DID NOT WORK but getVar(myname) DID WORK.

    This shows that the object values get accessed partially through the $_REQUEST array, which should not happen. Or am I mistaken?

    • XoopsGold

      XoopsGold - 2008-01-14

      The above message was written in the middle of my work when I did not end it and have a solution. Now reading it again, I see that the message has been wrongly drafted and shows a bit of confusion.

      The description above is wrong.

      In regards to the above situation, I have had to access the DB directly by making a seperate query hardcoding it which solved the problem. Anyway, I saw a new problem as there is. I however would leave it for now and describe it in details later.

    • D.J.

      D.J. - 2008-01-14

      If you need commit access to XOOPS SVN, leave a message

      • XoopsGold

        XoopsGold - 2008-01-14

        Hi DJ!

        > If you need commit access to XOOPS SVN, leave a message

        Thanks that you thought about it.

        Not at the moment.

        The association I help, needs to have some things to be done in the near future. I am learning from their requirements and planning to make a module based on their demands, which supposedly may help many non-profits. Thereafter is Xajax is in the list and the new module XoopsGold that I will be starting to work on soon, which will keep me busy for quite sometime.


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