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  • ralf57

    ralf57 - 2004-09-11

    I'm going to re-design the admin layout of xoops to have a more comfortable and usable interface to deal with.I don't mean only some minor changes to .css file but a complete  refactory of the admin side (with new icons,graphics,etc).
    I have a proposal for xoops' devs:use this layout for the next releases.
    We all know that a built-in  admin templates system will take many months to be availble so my solution should be considered as a "transition".
    I think that modules developers should only include some new .css classes into their modules admin files.
    I have no screenshots to show 'cause i haven't started workin on this yet but your answer to this proposal is important,for me at least.

    • Jan Pedersen

      Jan Pedersen - 2004-09-15

      I'd be interested in taking a look at what you can come up with.

    • Ruby Willemsen

      Ruby Willemsen - 2004-09-26

      Hello Ralf,

      Can you show everyone some of the stuff your working on? I'm also very interrested is this 'issue' and i like to test if it is possible.

      • Jason M Roehrig

        Jason M Roehrig - 2004-09-28

        Hey Ruby!

        A couple of people have gotten together, and are curently setting up a special project dedicated to radicaly changing the Admin Interface, and we are not (only) talking about the eye-candy.

        While cleaning up the GUI will be part of this activity, of greater importantce are changes to the underlying structure, such as has been mentioned in [url=]this thread posted by werner[/url].

        If you are interested I can contact you with notices that project members will recieve, and you might want to contribute to our efforts.

        Unfortunatly we are currently holding Ralphs creation back. Until all in the project have viewed them, which will be in a couple of days, as I am a little behind scedule, and haven't gotten everything organized yet.

        Please be patient, your interest has been noted, and I or another project member, will get in contact with you.



    • Jan Pedersen

      Jan Pedersen - 2004-09-28

      Herko and I would very much like to be part of this redesign. Both to give our input and to ensure its secure integration into the XOOPS core.

      Generally speaking, block and group administration need to be re-worked for better usability and easier configuration and other items should be moved around to give a better flow through the administration area.

      • Jakob Peterhänsel

        Hi All,

        I would like to add my experience as well, should it be needed. I don't have as much PHP knowledge as the rest of you, but I do have a strong knowledge about layout, GUI and application flow.

        Hope to be able to help out.

    • Herko Coomans

      Herko Coomans - 2004-10-01

      Ralf, I've looked at your proposal, and it looks really nice :-) This is 'just' a new skin on an old skeleton, and we need to reconfigure the bones now. But I like the look a lot, it's clean, looks smooth and easy to understand.

      Marook, the issue now is to redefine the admin processes, so we can come to a decent redesign. Jason's post has a link where I made some suggestions, and that should be where we put our efforts into first. Also, it needs to be extensible, easy to use, and modules should be able to add their specific content to it.


    • Jakob Peterhänsel

      Hi All,

      I've had a look at the work-in-progress done by ralf57, and have some feedback - is this the place, or have some of you taken this off-list?

      How do you handle this smaller workgroups? Email, MSN/AIM/chat, a form?

      • Jason M Roehrig

        Jason M Roehrig - 2004-10-04

        I am sorry to announce, that my project organisation efforts have been greatly underestimated by me, when judging the time I would need.

        Currently the project is still under preparation. Sorry for the delay!

        Please post all comments in this thread!

        Thank You

        Jason M Roehrig

    • Jason Ibele

      Jason Ibele - 2004-10-09

      Could someone please send me this proposal to jasonibele @ The admin panel was something I had also plan to tackle so I'd like to get our heads together on this if possible. No sense in having two people doing the same thing independently.

      • Jakob Peterhänsel

        Hi All,
        As mentioned a week ago, I would like to add my knowledge to this project. I've been hunted down by a baste virus, and have been in bed the last week. I'll join the party in a day or two..


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