Release of RC

  • D.J.

    D.J. - 2008-01-28

    If no more commit is planned, let's make the release of RC by the weekend.

    • Kris_fr

      Kris_fr - 2008-02-02

      In don't this version we find the "installer" of dugris (like implementing in the 2.0.18 Fr)?

    • Marco

      Marco - 2008-02-02


      upgrade from 2.0.18 : ok
      debug message : Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in file /kernel/object.php line 367 ==> i think it's easy to quick fix that one, just to release a clean

      about 2.0.18 to package : it contains /upgrade directoy, that is useless.

      thanks for this release. i hope this is the last release in that 2.0x branch.

    • D.J.

      D.J. - 2008-02-03

      The packages are updated.

      the new installer will be implemented in 2.3

    • Marco

      Marco - 2008-02-03

      the question now is when will we able to test the first RC of 2.3 ? is there any ETA?


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