Just upgraded a site to 2.2 couple of issues

  • Bluenova

    Bluenova - 2005-07-27

    So I've just upgraded one of my sites (well a clone of it anyway) to 2.2 It all went very well, to be honest I was expecting to have more problems, but it really looks very good indeed.

    Couple of issues:

    Custom date field on extended profiles:
    If I use the dropdown form to select 1st July 2005 it appears in the field as:

    '2005/07/01' but apon saving it just becomes '2005'. I've tried it with global.php bits and pieces set as j/n/Y and Y/n/j but it's the same either way.

    Multimenu module (Critical - Makes it impossible to use) - Blocks admin - Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getbymodule() in /home/**/public_html/modules/multiMenu/include/myblocks.php on line 26)

    I use multimenu on all my sites, so I hope you have a solution solo :-D

    Other than that no problems found yet. Thanks for a great update!!!!!

    • Bluenova

      Bluenova - 2005-07-27

      1.74 - Looked on the wolf factory, but didn't see a later version.

      • Anonymous - 2005-07-27

        which reminds me - MM doesnt support Phppp's language module at the moment ...

    • Anonymous - 2005-07-27

      Which MM version are you using?


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