XOOPS Kicked Me Out

Tom Martin
  • Tom Martin

    Tom Martin - 2008-03-22

    I've been using XOOPS for the last couple of years. I have dozens and dozens of posting on their support forum site. Today I was somehow "black-balled" preventing me from logging into the support forum with the message that "IP Protector has blocked my IP address."

    Does anyone have a clue about this. How do I get in touch with XOOPS. What do I do with all of my clients...?

    Help anyone?

    • mommaroodles

      mommaroodles - 2008-08-19

      I'm at my wits end, I dont have the foggiest idea what to do - I've tried everything that I can try and still I cannot login to the Admin section - its been months now ....:( I'm seriously considering an alternate CMS.

    • Michael Beck

      Michael Beck - 2008-08-19

      Email me your Website URL, your login/password, and I'll take a look into it.

    • Mark Boyden

      Mark Boyden - 2008-03-22

      I sent your message to the web team. It happened to me once, too, when I was putting a slash-asterisk in my messages. Took a day to get fixed, and I was down (except for using a lynx client) during a client-crunch time too. I hope we get it removed for you soon. Any ideas what happened? Were you posting, refreshing/requesting a number of pages really fast, or such?

      • Roy Batty

        Roy Batty - 2008-04-08

        I'm having a similar problem.

        Posted my usual IP and information about it below in the thread. Any chance you could give me a hand also or tell me who to contact?

      • Tom Martin

        Tom Martin - 2008-03-22

        It began when I tried to login (about a week ago). It would accept my login then send me back to the login screen. I thought...OK, I'll change my password. From that point on I bacame the "evil invader with the nasty IP." The only way I could post my problem was to but a $29.95 piece of software to hide my IP...something I never thought I'd need, but it worked...real funny to me!

        Thanks very much for your response!

    • Michael Beck

      Michael Beck - 2008-04-06

      Your IP, as posted here:


      is not blocked on XOOPS.

      So there must be something else.

      • Tom Martin

        Tom Martin - 2008-04-06

        Well, I'm not locked out any longer but what started this whole mess was when I tried to login, the screen would say "thanks for logging in" then return me to the original login screen...in fact listing me as not being logged in.

        Now I come to find that this doesn't happen if I use Firefox to log in. The version of IE I was using was 6.x...

        Go figure.

        • Michael Beck

          Michael Beck - 2008-04-06

          I'm glad that this has been sorted out.

          What can we say? Go Firefox!!! :)

    • Roy Batty

      Roy Batty - 2008-04-08

      Same problem I had. Been out for 2 days now.

      IP is :

      I just get this even at xoops.org :
      You are registered as BAD_IP by Protector.

      It would be helpful if the message had an email address to send problems to in cases like this. I tried contact@xoops.org and support@xoops.org just trying logically and BOTH bounced among others.

      Any ETA on how long it takes to get this fixed?


      • Michael Beck

        Michael Beck - 2008-04-08

        What is your user ID on XOOPS? I'll check it out for you.
        Obviously it's not r0yb.

        • Roy Batty

          Roy Batty - 2008-04-08

          beckmi -
          Sorry about that, my id on xoops.org is disint


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