#1213 alter table 'user' user_sig and bio fields to 'text'


This is not a bug but it is very needed because the limited size of these fields will cause big problems specially in 2-bytes languages.

For example in arabic and persian users just have 255/2=127 characters

Please change the size to 'text'

ALTER TABLE users MODIFY user_sig text;
ALTER TABLE users MODIFY bio text;


  • irmtfan

    irmtfan - 2012-06-12

    Also according to this bug:

    the uname field size should be more than 25 bytes.

    Now it is just 25 bytes in the new installation.

    in install/sql/mysql.structure.sql

    should be at least 60 bytes.

    ALTER TABLE users MODIFY uname varchar(60);

  • Richard Griffith

    • status: open --> accepted
    • assigned_to: Richard Griffith
    • Group: XOOPS_2.5.x --> XOOPS_2.6.x
  • Richard Griffith

    I consider this a very important issue.

    This shares a lot of the same background as mentioned here: https://sourceforge.net/p/xoops/bugs/139/#ba97

    In 2.6.0, a database column declared varchar(255) will be 255 characters, not 255 bytes. This is a fundamental problem in XOOPS which is solved in 2.6.0 with a series of changes too complex to justify retrofitting into the 2.5 series.

    I am pushing this out to 2.6.x milestone for resolution.


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