XFree86 4.1 Released

The most recent full release of XFree86, version 4.1.0, is now available from the XFree86 Project. You should upgrade to XFree86 4.1 if you have been using any previous version of XFree86 for Darwin/Mac OS X, including the XAqua binary updates posted here. XFree86 4.1 includes our most recent code and has several improvements over XAqua 0.6. XFree86 4.1 includes the following Darwin-related improvements:

- The X server now runs in a full screen mode in cooperation with Aqua.
- Darwin x86 is now supported.
- The X libraries are dynamic shared libraries instead of static archives.
- Merged with X.org's X11R6.5.1 release.
- The X server uses the "fb" layer and the Render extension (and thus supports anti-aliased TT fonts).
- FreeType 2.0.2 is supported.
- IOKit specific improvements: Wake from sleep, choose video card to use
- The XDarwin application is localized in English and Japanese
- The X server is now called XDarwin. :-)

More information and installation instructions are available at http://www.xfree86.org/4.1.0/. (The FTP site to download XFree86 binaries often becomes very busy after a release and you may wish to use one of the mirrors listed at http://xfree86.org/MIRRORS.shtml.\) Thanks to all the members of the XonX Team for helping with this release!

In the future we will be posting pre-release binary updates to test out features planned for the XFree86 4.2 release. These updates will all be based on XFree86 4.1 and will assume you have an existing 4.1 installation.

Posted by Torrey T. Lyons 2001-06-05

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