At 10:36 AM -0500 12/6/01, Mendelsohn, Danny wrote:
This is my first time posting to this list. I looked throught the archives
and couldn't find alot of information on the subject of keymapping XFree86,
well actually, there are plenty of posts but I am still a little bit in the
dark. Specifically, I need a Dvorak keymap (please dont ask why), I saw a
post from a few days ago but it seemed to evaporate at the end of November
with no fix or suggestion.

The only keymaps I know of on OS X are the ones accesible through Finder and
are not used in the Darwin layer obviously. I've also looked in /System
where I found more keymappings but no Dvorak. Can anyone steer me in the
right direction here. Is there something I can place in my .xinitrc file or
a flag I could use from Terminal? Any help would be appreciated.

You have two options when it comes to adjusting your keymap with XDarwin:

1. Set your keymapping file in the preferences or the command line. The keymapping file is read when XDarwin starts up and translated to an equivalent X keymap. A bunch of keymapping files are in /System/Library/Keyboards/ and this in one of the places XDarwin looks for any file name you specify. As I recall /System/Library/Keyboards used to contain a Dvorak keymapping, but I don't see it there now. Perhaps I am remembering incorrectly.

2. Once XDarwin has started you have to adjust the X keymap using standard techniques for X11. xmodmap is the standard tool for this. A problem was previously reported here previously by Jeremy Derr trying to use xmodmap to setup a Dvorak keyboard.

The errors I get are all "xmodmap: unknown command." I've tried at least 3
existing linux keymapping files, but they all return the same (or similar)

In general, a file containing a number of valid xmodmap expressions should work identically on XDarwin as on Linux, except that the actual keycodes will be different. I can't speculate on what the error above is from without looking at the actual file fed to xmodmap.