Apples x11 and/or XDarwin

  • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am going to install XDarwin from disc(probelms downloading on dial-up). Do I need to uninstall Apples x11 to use XDarwin. I have Orobosx as wm. Does anyone know what software comes with the new XDarwin release?   thanks-newbie

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      As far as I know, an XDarwin install will interfere with X11 because they both contain the same packets. Both are based on XFree86 source code. However, depending on the version of XDarwin, it might be identical to your current version of X11...

      What is XDarwin?
      XDarwin is an implementation of the window server for version 11 of the X window system on the Darwin operating system, underlying Mac OS X. Information on where to download and how to compile and install XDarwin is available at


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