xmodmap: capslock & control, ...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    even though "xev" shows the correct symbols when I swap
    the capslock & control keys, the capslock doesn't function as
    the control in X11 apps and still functions as capslock in aqua apps (I expected this).

    the following is from my working xmodmaprc file used against my toshiba tecra running debian linux and is what I tried on my powerbook:

    remove Lock = Caps_Lock
    remove Control = Control_L
    keysym Control_L = Caps_Lock
    keysym Caps_Lock = Control_L
    add Lock = Caps_Lock
    add Control = Control_L

    (please ignore any typos in the above).

    Basically, I would like to swap the keys for both X11 apps and Aqua Apps.  Anyway, anyhow.  It could be via xmodmap or possibly an mac/aqua/... tool; I don't care.
    I'd appreciate any help, suggestions, comments, ...



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